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Mindi O. says

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May 2016
Shakearah came very highly recommended from a coworker of mine. She herself worked with Shakearah previously and told me Shakearah was exactly who I needed to help me find a rental. Needless to say she was right. I needed to find a house that would allow pets and something within my budget. She showed me quite a few houses and they for some reason or another didn’t pan out. I bided on a few other houses but to no avail.. It was getting down to the wire and I needed to find something before my lease was up in my condo.. Well lo and behold I came across a house in the same area as one I was to see later on with Shakearah. I got what information I could from the guy who happened to be at the house and relayed the info to her and she in turn got in touch with the owner of the house.. it was a long and detailed process and I needed to move in by a certain time. The company/owner just took their sweet time and like said a long and detail process incurred. Shakearah was not only encouraging and helpful in calming me down, she also was very responsive and got me answers. Her knowledge, communication skills and attention to details was spot on.. very professional, very dedicated, and very trust worthy. I myself have a severe hearing loss so Shakearah had to do a lot of negotiating on my behalf and a lot of texting back and forth.. she was very patient with me and explained how the process was being handled. Because of that I trusted her in all things. She is a very big asset to any company she chooses to represent.. Highly, highly recommended.. Was a truly great pleasure working with her and will do so in the future when am looking again for another house.. 
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